Jim (a_trifle_deaf) wrote in pretty_persons,

Stamped // Cross- Posted Everywhere

You Did This to Me

Think of all the things you've done
to break my soul into useless pieces.
Make this pain go away.
Why are you standing there
with that knife, ready to cut up
my insides ?
You're not helping.

Help me repress this jealousy.
I can't take this feeling anymore.
Why don't you do anything about it ?
You're the one who has control over my emotions.

Snap me out of this trance that you put me in.
Cut off my foot so I can't stop you from leaving me.
Give me at least that shred of mercy.
Don't let me do that to you.
You don't deserve me doing that to you.

Some more artsy phots to go along with the poem I wrote, and the whole mood. Heh:

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